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Search-ability for Critical Planning

Search-ability for Critical Planning

Search-ability of current and past operational data is critical to mission planning. i3solutions has developed the tools to reliably retrieve this data, quickly and securely.  Our self-service discovery capabilities with natural language processing tools and recommendations engine, enable users to rapidly surface valuable insights from all existing intelligence systems and data sources.

Our Joint Collaboration Intelligence Platform (JCIP) tool is designed to optimize dissemination and sharing in connected, disconnected, and degraded operations across the complete spectrum of strategic, operational, and tactical missions. Additionally, JCIP enables information sharing and team collaboration with other agencies and with international allies and partners.  i3solutions has analytical smart searching capabilities on stored documents in our briefcase repository.  This powerful capability allows users to store multiple documents while the tools reads the documents and returns the information the user is seeking.

Powered in part by IBM’s Watson Explorer, evidence-based advice using AI models allow you to assist your users by providing them with suggestions using the artificial intelligence models trained by your domain experts. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow systems to further automate the search-ability needs based on mission requirements.

Applicable Uses

  • Deep textual analytics, hermeneutics
  • Comparison of disparate data sets in seconds
  • Captured document triage at tactical level
  • Intelligent product tone, sentiment, and word choice analysis
  • Foreign language analysis for tone, style, and word choice