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The Proposal Management System-Features

Proposal Generation and RFP Management

If you are tired of your team members duplicating proposal efforts and not being able to use valuable resources and intellectual property because it is difficult to locate, the Proposal Management System ™/Proposal Generator (formerly called the Proposal Generator) can help you with this process. The Proposal Management System™/Proposal Generator ™ helps proposal teams reduce repetitive manual tasks in the areas on initiation, authoring, assembly and management of proposals by enabling them to benefit from the following:

 Streamline the Proposal Development Process
• Easily set up a proposal team Web site from efficient collaboration.
• Quickly launch proposal projects, import proposal templates, define proposal sections, and  assign sections to authors from the familiar Microsoft Office Word environment.
• Avoid rewriting content by reusing elements of successful past proposals.
• Automatically assemble the completed  document in an approved format.

Utilize Corporate Knowledge 
• Access to your proposal information from inside Microsoft Office Word
• The ability to search, browse, find, preview, and import library content
• The ability to publish proposals, proposal sections, and boilerplates

Work More Productively with the Microsoft Office System
• The ability to author, search, preview, and import content
• The ability to assign tasks and proposal sections including notification and reminders
• The ability to create, remove, and assemble sections

Improve Proposal Management and Collaboration 

• Access the latest version of proposal documents and content
• Collaborate in a secure environment to control confidential and sensitive information
• Comply with required standards and formats, industry regulations, and organizational polices.

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