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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

i3solutions understands the significance of moving your enterprise to the Cloud-server. The word is out that this transition offers new and even better opportunities to integrate business applications, but the antiquated perception that the cloud lacks security still lingers. Though Office 365 is rock-solid, i3solutions puts any fears to rest with its reputation of trusted technical advisory. This advisory is a result of top-tier Microsoft expertise, sound design fundamentals, and thorough, successful implementations. In other words: secure and reliable solutions.

Throughout its evolution, SharePoint has enjoyed widespread acceptance by both commercial and government clients as an essential tool for knowledge management, systems integration, analytics, and the old favorite: collaboration. These capabilities have matured with each version of SharePoint, most notably, with the powerful addition of Office 365. Today, the ease of productivity is unprecedented.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, i3solutions draws upon two decades of Microsoft experience to provide best-in-class Office 365 productivity solutions for the finance, healthcare, government, technology, and legal sectors, among many others. i3solutions can move your on premise Microsoft Office applications, Exchange, and Lync all to a unified cloud platform for increased security, reliability, and ROI.

Systems Implementation Made Simple

Users want to sign into fewer applications and get more done. IT Administrators want to minimize system migration and maintenance and become more efficient. Leadership wants to minimize costs and improve overall operational effectiveness. With Office 365 providing easily configurable repositories, workspaces, dashboards, and seamless synchronization tools – all smoothly hosted on the web – everyone wins. Best of all, no desktop software required. Anywhere that you can be online, Office 365 capabilities can be online with you. i3solutions has 16 years of experience with system implementation for countless clients. See what people are saying at

Everyone at Your Fingertips

Lync 2013, Microsoft’s latest communications and collaboration software release, makes chatting with anyone faster, simpler, and more enjoyable. Gone are the days of complex video conferencing hardware and communications connectivity issues. i3solutions can enable your people to share content as it is created with seamless screen sharing or one-click video conferencing. Want to shift that IM conversation into a phone call or a video call? One click, that’s all it takes.

Lync’s visual, presence-based interface makes finding and connecting to anyone – even if they are on Skype – easier than ever. Find people and send quick messages or calls as business happens so that you are interacting, not reacting.

Let i3solutions’ experienced consultants guide your organization to enterprise-class, unified communications with a painless upgrade to Microsoft Lync 2013.

No More Licensing Headaches

Confused about whether you need Small Business or E3 licenses? We can help guide you through the license process, and ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to. Give us your questions, we’ll give you the answers.

A Focus on People

Office 365 has flipped the paradigm of traditional inflexible portal architectures on its head. Company reorganizations that once caused complex, time-consuming system redesigns are now trivial. By honing in on people-focused content, SharePoint 2013 offers a perspective customized to the employee rather than the department. i3solutions can help you to use this fresh, individualized platform to make your organization changes fast, simple, and inexpensive.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The SharePoint 2013 platform offered on Office 365 puts the power in the hands of the users more than ever before. However, a platform as powerful and configurable as SharePoint warrants a close look into system planning and design. SharePoint 2013 is a powerful platform, but i3solutions provides the critical insight required to maximize native capabilities for information discovery, collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and data presentation. Let i3solutions guide your organization through a painless and valuable implementation that will give back for years to come.

We’ve Got your Back

We don’t usually expect things to go awry, especially in the cloud, but sometimes things just come up. i3solutions has flexible support offerings and can address all levels of support inquiries.

When it comes to hosting, Microsoft has all the bases covered, including:

•24/7 availability and monitoring
•Automatic protection from spa
•Automatically updated virus / malware protection
•99.9 % uptime guarantee
•Geographically distributed data-centers