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Analytics Supporting National Security

Supporting National Security Initiatives

Advanced capabilities for better decision-making.

Blending cognitive computing tools with advanced analytics and automated workflow capabilities, i3solutions helps government, intelligence community and military leaders gain better insight into their operating environments. Our Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP)™ solution, targeted specifically to support National Security initiatives, is a modular and highly customizable data fusion platform that can be used for all kinds of use cases. By integrating our distinctive capabilities and technologies into a ‘single pane of glass’, JCIP enables leaders, analysts, and operations to have a holistic view of their environment.

Our system combines the full intelligence life-cycle with various tools (geo mapping, analytics, cognitive assistance technology, collaboration, knowledge management, open source data) – into a single platform that can be integrated on your approved network. JCIP merges structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve awareness and decision-making.

JCIP’s robust capabilities include:

  • Data Fusion – that enables raw data from multiple sources to be ‘fused’ or blended into more meaningful information – producing insights that would otherwise be missed.
  • Analytics – that analyzes structured and unstructured data found in documents, emails, databases, websites and other enterprise repositories.
  • Self-Service Discovery – that uses advanced processing tools and recommendations engine to rapidly surface valuable insights from all existing intelligence systems and data sources.
  • Data Visualization – that uses advanced visualization technologies and modern user interface (UI) design to simplify the communication of complex information.
  • Link Analysis – that extracts entities such as people, places, organizations, and more from structured and unstructured data and visualizes this data on network diagrams.

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