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Machine Learning

If you have watched any television or even YouTube in the past couple of years, then you have seen the IBM commercials touting their thinking computer, Watson. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and others have their own versions. These types of learning systems are all versions of Machine Learning, and it is something that businesses and Government agencies are leveraging to bring their systems and operations into the next generation. This is certainly more than winning a chess match or embarrassing Alex Trebek’s champions roster on Jeopardy!

Machine Learning is the ability of computer systems to improve their performance by exposure to data without the need to follow explicitly programmed instructions. Machine learning is the process of automatically spotting patterns in large amounts of data that can then be used to make predictions.

By deploying machine learning to ingest different data sources, we can merge the data streams and various formats, and convert this data into useful information and insights. This works just like our brains do, except leverages the speed and efficiency of machine learning to do it in a fraction of the time. In fact, our cognitive systems are revealing relationships, trends and unexpected wisdom from terabytes of information that simply would not be economically or even physically possible using human effort alone. Even better are the comparisons and discoveries that can be made when combining databases of traditional structured data with the now available information pulled from the unstructured files. Until machine learning became available, these connections were never made.

i3solutions has found innovative ways to leverage machine learning to deliver business value in Knowledge Management, Workflow Automation, Data Fusion and Analysis, and more for companies and government agencies alike. Even in 1998, Merrill Lynch estimated that 80-90% of all potentially usable business information originates in unstructured form. This is creating a problem for companies trying to find meaning and value in their “ocean” of data. To make matters worse, for most organizations, much of their unstructured data exists in multiple locations across the enterprise and even outside it. According to the Gartner Group, “Unstructured data growth is rapidly outpacing structured data and is poorly controlled, stored and managed on file shares, on personal devices and in the cloud.”

One of our success stories for the Intelligence Community came in response to the ever increasing need to analyze and extract meaning from enormous repositories of data. Analysts need to ingest and process large amounts of data each day including unstructured data (documents, text streams, voice, and video), structured data, and media feeds. I3solutions developed a Data Portal infused with machine learning that aggregates these different sources of data in a single system and presents information based on the user’s role, activities, likes, teams, and more. The system understands complex relationships between data and can push recommended content to a user based on trends, patterns, and search relevancy to make users more efficient in their processing of this data.

i3solutions is also using machine learning to bring intelligence to our Workflow Automation solutions. We have a rich history in automating business processes through workflow, dynamic forms, data fusion, and more. We are currently working with several Federal agencies to integrate machine learning into workflow solutions to provide efficiencies and decision making not seen before. For instance, we are leveraging the Watson tools to analyze requests and make rapid routing decisions with little to no human intervention. Our solutions utilize cognitive technologies to automate decisions and actions based on past requests, learning from history and applying known responses. These tools can help organizations discover repeating patterns and predict items from factors not easily seen by human analysis.

Please contact us today to understand more about how our machine leanrning systems can process large amounts of data to provide deeper insights so your organization can make better and faster decisions.