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Learning and Development

Foster growth within your organization.

Empower your most valuable asset: your people

Continual learning and development of employees, partners, vendors or customers is a vital part of building business success in today’s fast changing landscape. Your organization can only be as strong as the people who make up its foundation, and for most organizations people are its most valuable asset. However, it can be difficult and expensive to administrate, document, track, report and deliver learning opportunities.

Kenexa® Learning Management System (LMS) on Cloud is perfectly positioned to help you reach your goals. Kenexa LMS on Cloud is a full-featured, configurable, learner-centric Learning Management System. It integrates social networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities as well as interactive elements that enable users to rate learning content and share their experiences.

Kenexa LMS on Cloud helps to:

  • Integrate formal and social learning into a single collaborative user experience.
  • Manage administrative tasks easily.
  • Support learners from whatever device they choose: desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Keep learners focused on required learning through personalized education plans and auto-enrollments.
  • Provide custom branding for internal and external groups.

Take control of your learning content management

Many companies have discovered the benefits of automating learning content authoring, but manual processes for integrating, re-using, maintaining, managing and delivering learning content reduce flexibility and agility while driving up costs. For truly effective, cost-efficient learning content management, organizations need a solution that automates the entire content lifecycle.

Kenexa® LCMS is a widely deployed and successful Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Countless organizations use Kenexa LCMS to develop, manage, maintain and deliver modular and personalized training for their employees. The reason is simple – Kenexa offers one of the industry’s most robust and adaptable LCMS solution. From development to streamlined maintenance, management and delivery, Kenexa LCMS automates the entire content lifecycle to help organizations achieve their key business goals.

Kenexa LCMS helps to

  • Reduce development time/cost – Rapidly develop, integrate, reuse and assemble personalized eLearning, Word, PPT, PDF, XML and Mobile content using automated workflow and review.
  • Reduce maintenance time/errors – Quickly find assets, perform impact analysis, modify content and automatically propagate changes throughout the learning content.
  • Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing – Supports social interactions and sharing between development and subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • Help meet internal compliance requirements – Helps meet specific learning needs, standards and certifications. Tracking helps ensure employees are up-to-date on required competencies.