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Kenexa LMS and LCMS

With the increase in e-Learning and self-driven knowledge consumption through learning management systems, avenues for face-to-face knowledge transfer have diminished. Informal and social learning are often disjointed from training and are rarely captured and made available for future training needs. IBM Kenexa Learning Management Suite is an industry-leading learning suite that incorporates an enterprise-grade social learning management system. Social features include networking, collaboration, and sharing capabilities as well as interactive elements that enable users to rate learning content and share their experiences with other users. The IBM Kenexa Learning Suite includes:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Robust, configurable, enterprise-grade learning management to administer, document, track, report and deliver courses in support of classroom, online, social and mobile learning. The suite fuses social capabilities with the formal learning process, adding networking, collaboration and sharing to the online formal learning process.
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS) – Adaptable and robust platform to automate the full content lifecycle from development, management, maintenance, and delivery of modular and personalized training. Streamline the processes to find, modify, and propagate content changes throughout an entire learning catalog.
  • Robust Mobile support – Rapidly develop, deploy and analyze the use of device independent mobile content to support on the go learning, performance support and priority communications.

The different components of the Learning Management Suite are:



The IBM Kenexa Learning Management System (LMS) is a market-leading learning solution that helps organizations manage the full learning lifecycle. The IBM Kenexa Learning Suite offers a unique blend of Formal and Social learning to help your organization deliver innovative, approachable, and engaging learning experiences. I3solutions is implement solutions on the Kenexa LMS platform that combine the ability to create, manage, and deliver traditional learning content, as well as scheduling classroom or online webinar events, with Social capabilities to drive collaboration, knowledge/content sharing, and create virtual project workspaces regardless of location, time, or learning device.

i3solutions recognizes that every organization has their own style and approach to learning, so we develop solutions so our customers can benefit from market leading, personalized, profile-driven learning so their employees can focus on the content most applicable to their needs and in the style most suited for them. Our solutions are designed with mobility in mind so organizations can author and deliver engaging learning content to any device, be that a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or mobile device.

İ3solutions can configiure the Kenexa LMS platfomr to allows your organization to easily define personalized educational plans and course currcula for different levels and types of learners. Our solutions include personalixed Portal areas for each learner to manage the plans, access their assigned learning, and the ability to search for and enroll in other courses they are authorized to take. İ3solutons brings over 18 yerars experince customizing and enhancing the looka and feel (UI) and the overall user experince (UX) for the learning solution. İt is critical to provide users with an intuitive and easy to user interface so they spen more time on training and less time getting frustrated wiht the tool.

The IBM Kenexa LMS is a dynamic and flexible solution to ensure that your user receive an effective, personal, and engaging learning experience throughout their school career. Key features for the Kenexa LMS include the following:

  • Enables students to easily search courses, enroll and track progress for formal, informal, social or mobile learning, and enables the creation and monitoring of personal education plans, skills and competencies.
  • Enables managers to use automated enrollment and progress monitoring.
  • Enables administrators to organize and manage e-Learning, mobile and instructor-led content.
  • Provides administrators the ability to automate notifications for assigned courses, approval requirements, changes in class rosters and more.
  • Have learners interact with experts, while the system intelligently routes questions to the best suited individuals.
  • Use private messaging for coaching and mentoring.
  • Enable learners to engage and share ideas through collaborative learning, communities and social tagging, with the added advantage of the content being tracked and stored in a vetted, online environment.
  • Workspaces empower learners and instructors to work together as a virtual team to collaborate on a curriculum, course, project or other learning activities.
  • Gauge contributor value with built-in rating system on documents and posts.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

The Kenexa LCMS platform provides tools to automate the development, management, maintenance, delivery and publishing of modular and personal learning. I3solutions is implementing LCMS solutions to help organizations rapidly develop, integrate, reuse and assemble personalized eLearning, Word, PPT, PDF, XML and Mobile content using automated workflow and review to significantly reduce development time and costs. Our solutions using the Kenexa LMCS also assist organizations to quickly find assets, perform impact analysis, modify content and automatically propagate changes throughout their learning content. Theses LCMS solutions also foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing through social interactions and sharing between development and subject matter experts (SMEs). Some key features of our Kenexa LCMS solutions include:

  • Shared repository of consistent reusable learning objects
  • Ability to ingest content from diverse sources (Word, PowerPoint, video, graphics, SCORM, etc.) into this shared repository, a critical capability for you to migrate, rationalize and better maintain accurate, consistent content
  • Robust authoring capabilities to create engaging content and integrated assessments
  • The ability to assemble ingested or natively authored content into any number of interrelated courses
  • a collaborative environment to enable instructional designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), graphic artists and other external teams to work together
  • Excellent workflow and task management, including a Review Management module to enable SMEs to click on any content to provide suggestions that are captured in the system and automatically routed to the content owner
  • Strong support for prescriptive, adaptive, personalized learning
  • Output generators to deliver consistent content across multiple courses in whatever formats you want: ILT presentations, e-learning, printed training material or job aids, to mobile devices, etc.

Current LCMS customers state that the Kenexa solutions enable them to reduce their time and costs for content development, maintenance, translation, migration and content integration by 30%-70% because:

  • Their team leverages a shared repository of searchable reusable learning objects
  • They can easily import and assemble diverse content from multiple sources – Word, PPT, XML, SCOs, Flash, video…
  • The Single Source repository enables them to reuse and output learning objects across courses and output modes (e-learning, ILT, job aids, print, mobile, XML)
  • Teams of internal and external content contributors (subject-matter-experts, instructional designers, graphic artists, content reviewers, etc.) can fully collaborate in the timely creation and evolution of content, with workflow, task management and a permissions system defining who has access to what content and functionality
  • The LCMS facilitates timely and effective translation and management of multi-language content

The system is available in a SAAS (Software As A Service) environment or on-premise model. Most of our recent customers prefer the SAAS model because it lets our team of highly trained application experts manage the environment 7×24 with a 99.9% service level agreement.