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Never before in the history of our nation have we faced a threat as different and, in many ways, dire as that which we now encounter in global terrorism. Technologies used in industry and even for personal use, are among those same technologies exploited by adversaries to cause unfathomable conflict. Although technology in the wrong hands may be responsible for enabling terrorist behavior, technology in the right hands can help government and intelligence professions operate more effectively. This is where i3solutions provides a needed technology boost.

Customers in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) turn to i3solutions to make the “art of the possible” a reality. i3solutions has the technical know-how and the hands-on experience from working in the IC and DoD to be the right partner to help agencies take full advantage of today’s technology toward the critical mission of securing the homeland and defeating the enemy. We achieve this by:

  • Leveraging commercially available technologies to provide cutting-edge innovation while minimizing enterprise risk.
  • Adapting Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) and Object-Based Production (OBP) practices into our next-generation intelligence solutions.
  • Combining cognitive computing technologies with automation tools to aid collaboration and data analysis for decision making.
  • Shortening the distance between data collection and actionable intelligence.
  • Helping analysts spend less time curating data and more time analyzing and discerning intelligence.

If you would like more information on how i3solutions can improve collaboration, cross-agency information sharing, and insightful analysis, please contact us