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IBM Showcase

i3solutions has spent over 20 years gaining insights into the way users utilize information, share data among teams, and how business processes can be automated. As a result, i3solutions brings this unique set of skills to each of our engagements to allow the project to go beyond a simple software deployment. Employing our proven agile methodology, i3solutions works with clients including the National Security Agency, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Justice, and many other to understand their unique needs, the daily challenges for the different departments, their organizational culture, the user’s work habits, and business processes. This information is then incorporated into the industry-leading technology solutions from IBM. For one of our customers, i3solutions leveraged the industry leading technologies from IBM to develop a next generation Knowledge Management system for the Intelligence Community. This solution leverages IBM’s Portal and Watson platforms to aggregate data and provide users with a truly dynamic and personalized solution to gain access to their mission critical reports and data. i3soluitons leverages the Watson Cognitive Computing solution to infuse intelligence into our solutions to automate the process of analyzing data to show relationships and trends and provide true data insights and intelligence.

i3solutions is also 1 of only 2 IBM Kenexa Partners in the United States. We are leveraging this partnership to design and implement dynamic Human Resources solution to help bring new efficiencies and outreach to all organizations. We see many organizations that are struggling to attract and retain the very best employees. Most of these organizations agree that their most important asset is their employees. i3solutions is implementing solutions to infuse Marketing into their Recruiting to give companies a true advantage in their hiring processes. i3solutions is also implementing engaging Employee Onboarding and Training solutions to increase employee engagement and growth which ultimately impacts their loyalty to their current employer. The Kenexa solutions are built on a Social platform so users can utilize these tools when and where they want and on any mobile device.

i3solutions has invested the time and resources to become experts on the different IBM platforms. Below is a list of a few of the technology platforms that i3solutions is certified in:


We couple these technology solutions with our implementation methodology to tailor the system architecture and configure the platforms to meet their current needs and future demands.