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HR Analytics

Drive business outcomes with HR survey data and cognitive analytics.

Data Science at Your Fingertips

Most HR organizations today understand that analytics can enable them to make the best possible decisions. One major issue, however, is that HR generally does not employ data scientists and people with deep analytical expertise. This presents a significant challenge for HR organizations that want to apply analytics to help drive informed strategic decision-making. Kenexa has a solution that eliminates the need for analytics expertise.

Kenexa® Talent Insights, powered by IBM Watson Analytics, is an on-cloud workforce analytics solution that enables HR professionals to:

  • Quickly gain insights from any workforce data.
  • Easily explore data using standard HR terminology.
  • Make fact-based decisions.

In addition, built-in cognitive analytic capabilities ensure that the system continues to learn as it is exposed to newer data and scenarios.

Analytics Made Easy

Kenexa Talent Insights delivers a completely unique analytics experience that allows HR professionals to easily explore data, confidently predict outcomes and share results broadly. Quickly uncover insights from any workforce data by simply asking a question in real time, without the need for customized IT systems.

Cognitive analytic capabilities make analysis easier and the results more relevant across the HR organization. IBM Kenexa Talent Insights takes care of the heavy ‘analytic’ lifting so HR professionals can, independently, concentrate on getting the data driven answers to their tough workforce questions like:

  • How many people have we hired in the last three months and from what source?
  • What is the number of high-risk employees by location?
  • What is the most common reason that a candidate rejects an offer?
  • How did training affect our bottom line?
  • What skills are associated with our highest performers?
  • What job roles rate highest in job satisfaction?

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