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Engagement Surveys

Understand what motivates and engages your employees.

The value of engagement surveys

For the last decade, employee engagement has been “top of mind” among Human Resources professionals thinking about conducting employee opinion surveys. The use of engagement surveys has been propelled by the belief that employee engagement can be leveraged for higher employee retention, greater customer satisfaction and improved financial performance.

Drive organizational performance with engagement surveys

Companies that succeed in engaging their workforce have a strong grasp on what truly matters most to employees. The best part is that your employees are willing to share their praise and their frustrations with you, if you’re willing and able to listen. So how do you measure employee engagement?

Kenexa Employee Voice provides census and self-service survey capabilities to help you strategically capture employee feedback. Start with a strong annual census survey to establish a clear baseline and listen to what matters to your organization. Kenexa’s proven four-step process featuring program design, administration, reporting and behavior change ensures simple administration and impactful results for your survey program.

Kenexa Survey Enterprise 360 on Cloud provides an employee development plan that provides leaders with actionable information and helps them enhance individual development and improve workgroup effectiveness through four phases—program design, administration, reporting and behavior change.