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Document Auto-Tagging

Many organizations face the challenge of trying to make sense of a mountain of data and documents they have collected and stored over the past decade or more. This unstructured data includes documents, forms, images, videos, spreadsheets, contracts, records, and much more. Some of this information is mission critical to the operations and business processes for these organization. Now, these companies want a better way to search, categorize, and utilize this unstructured data. They want the ability to apply metadata to this wealth of information so they can finally use this data. In some cases, they want to improve the ease of searching this large volume of information. In other areas, organization want to be able to apply retention policies based on the type of content or documents. Organizations also want to be able to reuse this information to improve their insights and processes.

However, the process of adding Meta-data to every document or file within these enormous repositories manually is task that no human is capable of completing in a useful timeframe. Instead, let i3solutions help automate the process of “reading” the unstructured documents and assigning concepts and terms to your unstructured data. We have created a solution to automate the process for digesting your documents and automatically applying metadata. Once applied the data can then be used to categorize documents correctly, apply businesses rules, configure retention policies, and improve company search tools. Our solution leverages the power of Cognitive Computing to learn your business and terms to create meaningful metadata and categorization.