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Create Your Best Unique Value Proposition (Part 1)


There are easily a million things that you need to know (or learn!) when you start your new business. Certainly, experience will give you an edge. If you’ve been working for a company that sells a similar product or performs a similar service, that’s a plus. Having general management skills will obviously be a benefit when you decide to hang out your shingle. But, if we had to point to one of the top ten needs for a new business to thrive and expand, it would be having a good Unique Value Proposition (UVP)—that first sentence, business description, or image that lets the prospective clients know what service or product you provide, why it is a good fit for them, and why they should hitch their wagons to your star.

Creating a solid UVP on the Homepage of your business website is vital. It is the most essential component of your overall marketing strategy. It is the first thing your potential customers see and read on your website; as such, it will determine whether they stay to read more about your business or click away to search further. It is a clear statement of the quality of your product or service, why your product or service is the best fit for the customer, and what puts your team above the competition. Unfortunately, too many businesses bury their UVP deep beneath extraneous verbiage and slogans that sound pithy, but are actually meaningless and directionless to the consumer. In doing so, the business owner’s first exposure to the searching perspective client becomes an immediate failure.

Remember, that most future customers trolling across the web are a lot like you. They are searching for deals, looking for comfort zones, and basically wanting to be taken care of. They tend to “vendor shop”; that is, they will visit several of your competitors’ sites before they make a final decision. The sole purpose of your UVP is to make them decide on YOU. How you can achieve that goal is what we will look at next.

Your UVP has to sum up your business in three specific ways. It has to exhibit:

  1. The Character of your business
  2. The Explanation of the service your business provides
  3. The Manner in which the customer can expect your business to best benefit them.

Let’s examine each of these points more closely.

The most obvious advantage for your business as displayed by your UVP is the Character of your business. This is the main attribute that should reach out from your Homepage and grab those net-surfing customers by their virtual lapels! Your business must have its own personality, true. But the Character of your business—the personality that should quickly make any potential customer feel comfortable with the decision to work with you—should be apparent at once. The manner in which you choose to display that personality by your allure of suggesting concepts through word is what will cause your patrons to choose you over the competition. In the minds of the potential buyers, your company must rise above the common perception of online sellers as “scam artists.” You need to “Dress the Part” linguistically speaking: keep your UVP straightforward and easy to read so that it is readily approachable to your core audience. If you can achieve that magic connection, you will be able to parlay that advantage into increasing sales.

The second way in which your UVP has to sum up your business at a glance is in the Explanation of the service that you provide or the goods that you sell. It is essential, at this point, that your customers can comprehend at once why your business is different from the competition, and why they should trust you to guide them with the assistance you are offering. And remember, that a UVP is NOT just a flashy saying, or a slick slogan (although in fairness, sometimes it COULD be, if you have a really unique slick slogan!). A UVP is a clever and succinct collection of words that are, as the saying goes, “greater than the sum of their parts.” The potential clients should be able to grasp that you are in total control of the goods and services you are selling. If the thunderous herd that is galloping over the internet stops long enough to read a sentence or two, you need to be able to keep them held in place, spellbound by your adroit use of language.

And lastly, your UVP must clearly convey the Manner in which you are ready to assist your potential customers in achieving their goals or in possessing the things they think they need. They should feel immediately at ease with your pitch and be confident that only you can deftly assess and satisfy their needs. The Manner in which your business presents itself as a professional entity that is capable of quickly and capably finalizing a business transaction to the mutual satisfaction of all involved, cannot be overemphasized. If you can present your business as the “Master of Your Domain” in a swift and gratifying Manner—with more than a dash of panache—you will be assured of continued success in your field.

Future installments of this series will examine the Language of the UVP, Crafting your UVP to fit the specific needs of your customers, and some of the mistakes you need to avoid in structuring your UVP.