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Course of Action Development for Enhanced Decision Making

Course of Action Development for Enhanced Decision Making

Course of Action (COA) development is a critical iterative process that helps military staff and leaders make decisions as they plan for their missions.  The COA development relies on data that may be only hours, or in some cases, minutes, old.  Accessing this data and incorporating it into the decision making process can result in huge consequences on second and third order effects.

Combining cognitive computing technologies with smart decision management tools intelligently automates this processes to aid data analysis for decision making. The use of these technologies allows us to create ‘always on virtual assistants’ that can intelligently automate and accurately return data required for the best decision to aid the warfighter.

i3solutions created the Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP) which is developed on a suite of IBM tools including IBM’s Watson Explorer.  This powerful tool brings data manipulation to the user as the user requires it.


JCIP Can Help Solve the Following:

  • Discrete and isolated data systems to collect source information
  • Inadequate analytical capabilities to make data discoverable
  • Limited means to effectively disseminate intelligence across partners (Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, regional, private sector entities, and global partners)
  • Decentralized location that poorly assesses situational awareness, requires significant effort and causes delays


Key Benefits of JCIP

  • Rapidly fuse together disparate data from multiple sources into a single cohesive intelligence picture
  • Search and analyze both structured and unstructured data from a wide range of data sources
  • Visualize connections between multi-dimensional datasets
  • Enable new ways to interpret data through maps, dashboards, and other rich graphical representations
  • Streamline and accelerate daily processes, transactions, and tasks using cognitive computing while leveraging existing systems and data
  • Improved Situational Awareness via easy to use GEO displays, list formats and network analysis/link diagrams