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Case Study: Major News Organization

A Major News Organization Gains Efficiencies with Superior Proposal Management Capabilities

Business Challenge

Out customer is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.  They provide information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property, and science and media markets as one of the world’s most reliable news organizations.

The proposal department previously used a variety of technologies in conjunction with paper methods to complete its proposals.  It stored its information in emails and in an outdated and poorly configured SharePoint portals.  The various locations that housed key information succeeded only in complicating the proposal creation process and made it significantly more tedious.

A new solution was required since the proposal department was gaining more work and needed to be more efficient.  Our customer came to i3solutions for help building a new SharePoint portal to better suit its process. 

Our Solution

The solution proposed by i3solutions created a new SharePoint portal implementation stood by the customer for man other departments within the organization.  The proposal department would have its own site collection so its content database could grow on its own, uninhibited by storage concerns from other departments.  Within this site collection, there would be three sites – one to contain information common to the entire department, one for information used by management, and one to house sub-sites used for each proposal.


i3solutions conducted a series of meeting to identify requirements to build on our best practices and information architecture that would best suit the needs of the proposal department. The new Proposal Management for SharePoint site provides the proposal department with a common, centralized place to house daily collaboration materials.  The new libraries contain the proper metadata which enable it to create appropriate views to categorize, sort and filter documents.  It provides the proposal department with a central repository where materials are easily found using the search capabilities integral with SharePoint. With added workflow, approval processes, alerts and reporting, the organization significantly increased it’s communications and reduced the time to push the proposal throughout the approval process. In addition, better organization of materials central to the sales and proposal process were easier to find with enhance metatag and a new information taxonomy.

Before you compromise on organizational need and deprive yourself of a complete solution to company challenges, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a discussion about what an i3solutions’ application can do for your business?