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Case Study: Hospital

Large Hospital System and Its Patients Benefits From Medical Management and Patient Tracking System

Business Challenge

A large Hospital Systems is currently implementing several large medical management and patient tracking systems across all of their locations. In a effort to better track these projects, our customer wanted to create a project management and request tracking system. Our customer needed to quickly identify trends, reports for studies, research data for universities, dashboards for survival rates, trending for conditions, procedures, and medications, and much more.

Our Solution

i3solutions was selected to be their techincal partner to design a new system to help support these large project teams. i3solutions designed the new system using the .NET framework, SharePoint and SQL Server. i3solutions created elelctronic forms that allowed various team members to capture their requirements, requests, change orders, issues, and topics for discussions. i3solutions created lists to provide a central location to track and manage this information. i3solutions designed the customized forms to be easily configurable based on a standard SharePoint list to support tabbed sections layout, cascading fields, client-side and server-side rules validation, and embedded custom controls. i3solutions also configured SharePoint and SQL Server to handle the high load due to processing over 30,000 requests per month. i3solutions also created dashboards and reports to easily display reports on the different requests and data submitted. i3solutions used Reporting Services and SharePoint to create different reports and displayed them within the project and team sites. Users can view the online reports and choose to drill down for more information. i3solutions also created reports to help teams track requests based on priority, department, system, assignment, and much more. i3solutions also developed workflows to automate the assignment, tracking, review, and completion of these items. i3solutions worked with the our customer to map out the different business processes and then made recommendations on the best approach for building the workflows. In a previous project for the same customer, i3solutions designed a centralized Data Warehouse using SQL Server to import data from the 4 different hospital locations as well as import data from multiple data centers. i3solutions designed a central data warehouse and SaaS model that imported data from the various systems and external data sources into a single system. i3solutions developed a unique ETL process that allowed the system to import data every 30 seconds while not slowing the performance of the system on-site at the hospital. i3solutions also developed a robust yet simple to use reporting tool based on XML that allowed users to create reports showing

To meet a very complex reporting need, i3solutions created a custom Query tool that allows the data team to prebuild queries and views that could be later refined to analyze data trends and pinpoint specific populations. The Ad-hoc tool was designed to ease the transition from the existing DOS-based system that had been utilized for over a decade. i3solutions also developed Data Cubes that were later utilized by a third-party XML based analytics and BI tool – LogiXML.


Overall, the system was designed to be a flexible and scalable solution to provide team members and project managers with better insights into the requests, change orders, and tasks for each of the large implementation projects currently in progress. The system provides a central repository for tracking this large volume of data as well as reporting tools to analyze and visualize the consolidated data.

Before you compromise on organizational need and deprive yourself of a complete solution to company challenges, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a discussion about what an i3solutions’ application can do for your business?