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Case Study: Government Agency

Government Agency Improves Access to Knowledge for Better Analysis and Strategic Planning

Business Challenge

A division within U. S. Department of Homeland Security selected i3solutions to streamline and consolidate knowledge (document, data, reports, forms, etc.) across their organization into an easy to use portal system that could address their needs: strategic planning and regulatory compliance, records management, and knowledge sharing and procurement.

i3solutions was able to convert our customers needs and processes into the different functional requirements needed to define a new portal based system architecture. Being new to SharePoint, and end users were uncertain of the best approach for using collaborations, portals, and workflows and because of i3solutions’ experience, we were selected to manage this process.

Our Solution

Once the requirements were consolidated, the i3solutions team focused on designing the new portal system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their current staff by promoting document management, information sharing, and process automation. i3solutions provided best practices and insights into the design of the new Knowledge Management system. i3solutions provided guidance for each aspect of the design including the server farm architecture, virtualization, software licensing, back-up and disaster recovery, high-availability, site structure and information architecture. i3solutions helped them to define their system taxonomy and governance to ensure the proper policies and procedures to manage the use and growth of the portal system. i3solutions also spent considerable time mapping the different internal business processes and converting them into functional designs that can be implemented within a SharePoint workflow. i3solutions provided recommendations on different third party add-ons for SharePoint to provide them with a better design that also required less custom development time, costs and risk.

Once the design was approved, i3solutions was responsible for all aspects of the configuration, customization, and development of the new Intranet solution. The i3solutions technical team was responsible for developing the system taxonomy, master pages, CSS, sites, site templates, lists, libraries, and several custom webparts. i3solutions also developed a custom user interface for the project to promote a significant increase in user adoption over the standard Microsoft look and feel. i3solutions recommended the use of a third party workflow tool to provide our customer with significantly more functionality as well as the ability to maintain and create workflows moving forward. i3solutions then developed several custom workflows using the K2 blackpearl workflow tool for SharePoint. The workflows were created to automate and streamline several business processes including: Directive Creation and Approval, FOIA Requests, Action Item Tracking, and Press Release Approvals. i3solutions also created sites to support information sharing between different teams; automation of procurement systems; records management; and extranet site collaboration. i3solutions also integrated the SharePoint system into their network and developed integration components with several external systems.


The system was deployed to multiple locations and a high availability solution was implemented to ensure failover redundancy between these sites. i3solutions designed the system architecture for each location and installed the third party replication tools to ensure that the disaster recovery solution was fully operational. The i3solutions design included the extensive use of the SharePoint framework as well as several third party tools to support automated workflow, replication, and system recovery in order to reduce the costs and timeframes associated with pure custom development. Once all issues and enhancements had been addressed, i3solutions traveled to the different customer locations to install, configure and deploy the solution to the different on-site servers.

The i3solutions team also worked closely with the customer to develop custom classroom training and hands-on labs for the End Users, Content Managers, and IT Administrators. i3solutions created the course curriculum and the training manuals and train-the-trainer knowledge transfer for each of the different courses. i3solutions also provided Workflow training on the K2 blackpearl tool to enable IT staff to maintain the workflows implemented within the system. The training materials were also combined with hands-on lab sessions to allow users to gain experience on the new system during training. This combined approach was well received by the users and helped to achieve a better than expected adoption rate by the users.

Following the deployment of the system, i3solutions was selected to provide on-going support and maintenance of the SharePoint system. i3solutions also provided technical consulting services to implement enhancements to the system including new sites, new webparts and third party tools, and new features. i3solutions also provided support to update the services with new releases and service packs and to monitor and optimize the databases. i3solutions also developed additional workflow processes and extranet capabilities.

Before you compromise on organizational need and deprive yourself of a complete solution to company challenges, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a discussion about what an i3solutions’ application can do for your business?