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Assessment Tests

Predict workplace performance with skills assessments and talent consulting.

Make data-based hiring decisions

Almost every organization’s business performance hinges on the success of a certain job family or job role. And organizations want to hire more like their very best employees to help drive business outcomes. Assessments measure capacity, capability, and organizational culture fit to help you select the right people to drive success in your organization. And they help ensure that you make workforce decisions based on data, rather than gut feelings.

Kenexa simplifies assessments

More and more companies are using pre-hire assessments to help them understand the critical, job-relevant attributes of candidates and employees. We know if a company partners with a provider that understands what makes people good at what they do, it will result in higher performance, increased engagement, quicker time-to-productivity, and lower turnover.

Kenexa Behavioral Assessments brings together Kenexa’s unparalleled content library, human resources expertise, and best-in-class technology to provide the most powerful solution to help your organization find the very best people and maximize their performance.

Kenexa Prove It! on Cloud gives you the power to identify and select the most talented candidates. It includes over 1,500 validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, behavioral, financial, healthcare, industrial, and technical job classifications.

Kenexa Skills Assessments on Cloud enables busy hiring managers to quickly sift through large talent pools to find the right people with the right requirements for a specific job. Not only is Kenexa Skills Assessments on Cloud suitable for a number of roles and industries, but also available in multiple languages.